A Campfire Brownie in an Orange!

Step aside s’mores, there’s a new kind of chocolaty camping treat in town that Cub Scouts are sure to go bananas over…or shall we say, oranges!?

Imagine Cooking a Campfire Brownie in an Orange!
Will the campfire brownie in an orange become the next campfire tradition?


Not only that, this could be a great component to the new “Bear Necessities” or “Bear Picnic Basket” Adventures for your Cub Scouts to try next time you go on a campout.

Now to the filling!

1. Be sure you have an orange for every Cub Scout, and help them prep and hollow (AND DRINK THE JUICE!) out the orange as shown in the picture.

2. Then fill it with Brownie batter. Any box mix of brownies will do.

3. Wrap in foil, bury in the coals and about 30 minutes later, you’re ready to discover a delicious campfire brownie in an orange!

For more details and some other variations, here’s a fun blog post about it over at Door-to-Door Organics,

Campfire Brownie in an orange
campfire brownie in an orange via doortodoororganics.com


Here’s a variation from tablespoon.com that involves some caramel goodness, as well!

campfire brownie in an orange
campfire brownie in an orange with caramel from tablespoon.com


Finally, this step-by-step photo from themetapicture.com of a how to assemble a campfire brownie in an orange pretty much sums it up perfectly. Just click it to make it bigger.

Campfire Brownies in an Orange

Now that you have something new and fun to try on your next Cub Scouts campout, we hope you’ll let us know how it works out!

Have any other fun campfire and/or food ideas for camping with Cub Scouts? Let us know in the comments below.