7 Cool Features in the New Den Leader Guides

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A positive Cub Scouting journey relies on the ability of Scout leaders and volunteers to create a memorable experience for each and every Cub Scout. That’s why so much effort in creating the new Cub Scout program was focused on making Den Leader Guides the most effective, useful and powerful resource they could possibly be. That’s good news for leaders, but that’s even better news for the Cub Scouts under those leaders who will be left with life-changing experiences.


For May’s episode of CubCast, the hosts are joined by Cub Scout online training task force member Nancy Farrell to discuss what exactly makes the new Den Leader Guides new and improved. Nancy added that because the new Den Leader Guides are different, and “built to support Cub Scout Leaders like never before,” that it’s important to purchase and entirely read through each guide for the Cub Scout rank you are working with. 

Here are 7 features in the new Den Leader Guides that you can look forward to using while creating the ultimate adventure for your Cub Scouts. Do Your Best!

 1. A Guide for Every Rank!

For each level of the Cub Scout program there is a newly developed Den Leader Guide, specific to each rank. Den and pack resource guides will be replaced and the new guides are designed to bring more life to the Cub Scout adventures. 

Click on image to get new Den Leader Guides

2. Helpful Hints!

The new Den Leader Guides include “Helpful Hints,” little labeled sections along the way on how to lead Den Meetings and other get togethers. The Helpful Hints provide great guidance especially to new leaders, and useful reminders to seasoned pros. 

3. An Appendix!

At the end of each Den Leader Guide is an easy-to-read appendix that contains additional support materials for den meetings and other activities. 

4. A Bird’s Eye View of the Greater Purpose!

There are lots of new items and features in the Den Leader Guides when it comes to actual den meeting plans. You’ll find an overview of each adventure, including the purpose of the adventure and how it fits into broader Cub Scouting. 

Click on image to get new Den Leader Guides

5. Spelled-out Takeaways!

So leaders can get a good idea of what we hope Cub Scouts will gain from the adventures as they complete them, the new Den Leader Guides contain specific and spelled-out takeaways including a Character Compass Icon. This icon shows up whenever a point of the Scout Law is brought about naturally in each adventure, to teach the boys organically within the adventure, those applicable elements of the Scout Law. 

6. Encouragement Along the Way!

In easy-to-see boxes, leaders will find a ‘Note to Den Leaders’ call-out box. These conversational boxes contain helpful hints of items that you would need to know ahead of time in addition to preparing individual plans. 

7. Specific, Actual Plans!

The new Den Leader Guides are essentially designed to be a one-stop shop for ceremonies, gathering activities and comprehensive plans. It’s the how-to behind the instruction and the activities in Cub Scouting. Leaders will see that right after each plan is a resource page including a Do-At-Home Icon. This serves as notice to leaders to remind their Scouts for the at-home elements of each adventure they’ll need to complete outside of pack or den meeting.

Click on image to get new Den Leader Guides

So that’s a little preview of what many of you have to look forward to with the new Den Leader Guides. Hopefully as you prepare your meetings and add your own personal touch, these resources will be of value to you and put to good use! We know that the very best of Scouting lies in our volunteers who make the program possible. It’s more than a program, it’s a movement, and we’re proud to work with you as we embrace and implement these new and exciting changes. The new Den Leader Guides are available now at Scoutstuff.org or at your local Scout Shop.

You can also purchase them here.