5 Things to Do to Get Excited for Day Camp

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With Memorial Day officially ushering in the beginning of the season, nothing says summer quite like Cub Scout Day Camp. It’s the pinnacle Cub Scouting event of the season, where Cub Scouts of all ages find excitement and adventure around every corner, shrub, creek and tree.

You may have noticed that all of us here at the Cub Hub have been getting pretty excited for Day Camp this year, and specifically our chance to promote the fun of Day Camp with our hashtag #DayCamp2015! Here are FIVE things you can do to get yourself and others excited for Day Camp.


1. Pledge to Attend

When you pledge to register for Day Camp, you also tell us what Council and state you are from. This is because we are keeping a close tally on who is pledging and from where. We’ve already had over 160 Councils represented among those of you who have pledged and while Greater St. Louis took an early lead, you may be surprised to see which Council is the most excited for #DayCamp2015 now. Of course, that will be announced in an upcoming post right here on the Cub Hub. Pledge now and join the fun!


2. Join Our Facebook Event

Once you’ve pledged, it’s time to join the community of other pledgers in our special Facebook Event for #DayCamp2015. In our Facebook event you’ll find people asking important questions, sharing fun photos, posting their Day Camp information and registration sites, and so much more. Camp directors are announcing who they are, and have become a wonderful resource in gearing up for Day Camp as well. We also host weekly contests, polls, and other challenges with fun prizes like gift codes to Scoutstuff.org It’s all Day Camp all the time in our #DayCamp2015 Facebook Event, so come on in!


3. Invite Others

Of course a party is only fun if you bring your friends. Once you pledge to attend Day Camp, and join our Facebook Event, we want you to invite everyone all the Scouts and Scouters, (or potential Scouts and Scouters) you know to see what Day Camp and Cub Scouts is all about. Think of it as a soft recruiting tool, planting a seed for later in the year when your Pack dives head-first into recruitment season. But it’s also more than that. Day Camp is a choice opportunity for kids and parents to really have a fun-filled adventure this summer. Share the joy of Scouting, and invite others to Day Camp.


4. Use the Hashtag

As you are posting your Day Camp questions, ideas and photos of excitement anytime before, during or after camp, label everything with #DayCamp2015. We want to build a fun collection of photos and helpful information to ignite the spirit of Cub Scouting all across the country for this grand summer tradition. Using #DayCamp2015 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a surefire way to generate the buzz and build the excitement for what Cub Scouting is all about. Share your Day Camp stories and photos, and tag them with #DayCamp2015. You can even share the photos you see right here in this post!¬†We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your awesome posts so we can share them as well.


5. Register for Day Camp

Don’t forget the most important step. Register as early as you can (sometimes prices change the closer camp gets) and make sure you and your Cub Scout know when the fun begins. Now jump up in the air and give each other a high-five!