5 Character Traits You Can Learn in Cub Scouts

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Cub Scouts and Archery

There are surely many more than five things boys can learn in Cub Scouts. But these five qualities are all fantastic reasons to make your family a Cub Scouts family. Let Scouting help as you learn to apply and develop these characteristics to your life and in the lives of your Cub Scouts!

Learn How to Aim for the Bullseye

Scouting often provides opportunities for unique experiences that aren’t very common or possible elsewhere. Take the traditional shooting sports for example, with bows and arrows and even BB guns. And just like with arrows, Cub Scouts can learn to aim for the bullseye by advancing through the program—accomplishing things they might not have known about previously. The focus, determination and effort required will be the foundation for the kinds of discipline it takes to succeed at life. And in many ways, that starts right here in Cub Scouts.

Learn How to Be a Leader

In Cub Scouts, you can learn to lead early and lead often. The opportunities to take charge, learn about leadership, follow and leader, and lead those who follow help instill confidence and humility in each Cub Scout. Whether you’re on the trail, in the woods, in den meeting or at a pack campout, there are multiple opportunities to step up to the plate and practice good leadership in Scouting. It starts in Cub Scouts and continues to Boy Scouts and throughout life.

Learn How to Work Hard for Something Worthwhile

Some adventures are easy, and some are more challenging. Isn’t that just like life, too? In Cub Scouting, the adventure pins, the requirements, the outings, the overnights, the go-see-its and more are all part of the adventure. And some can be exciting and a little scary, or may take some work or practice. As your Cub Scouts learn new skills, acquire new knowledge, accomplish unfamiliar tasks and achieve new heights, their passions will ignite. They’ll learn that working for something that takes some effort is a worthwhile endeavor.

Learn How to Be Kind and Accepting to Others

A Scout is kind. This is one of Scouting’s hallmark character traits immortalized in the Scout Law. By participating in a Cub Scout den and pack, a boy learns the cues and graces of social interaction. He also learns how to listen to and accommodate others, and exhibit kindness and respect to friends and leaders.

Learn Self Respect and Discipline

While learning to show kindness to others’ needs, desires and voices, a Cub Scout also learns to respectfully advocate for his own. He learns to have the self-respect needed to hold himself to a standard of excellence that will be a guiding force throughout his life. The discipline that comes from working hard and having fun in the Cub Scouting program will help him advance through the ranks, and achieve greatness in many of his endeavors throughout his life.

A Positive Result

There are endless opportunities in Scouting for engaged learning that will reflect positively in future life endeavors. But these 5 stand out as some of the most apparent. They are positive character traits that can come when families embrace the Cub Scout program together. To learn more about the positive impact that Scouting can have on young people and families, be sure to check out this article on a recent Tufts study, and watch this video: