4 Quizzes to Test Your Outdoor Knowledge

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Test your outdoor knowledge

It’s summer time and the living is, well…not always easy. Especially if that “living” is in the woods with a bunch of Cub Scouts! But, hey, a little effort makes for big, fun adventures. And when you see that Cub Scout’s face light up from the thrill of the great outdoors, it’s worth everything it took to get out there.

Test Your Outdoor Knowledge Together!

Speaking of getting out there, whether it’s a brief “go-see-it” to a state or historical park, Cub Scout Day Camp, a weekend hike or a full-fledged overnighter in the hills, some things are just plain useful to know before you spend an extended period of time outside. These outdoor quizzes from Boys’ Life magazine are fun learning tools that really sharpen up your knowledge of things you might need (or want) to know while being outside, like animal tracks, poisonous plants and more.

Even better, these quizzes make for a great pack activity to learn, study, and practice together in dens, or as a quick beginning activity at your weekly meetings. Check ’em out!

1. Insect Identification Quiz

It may not be the most exciting thing to know when running away from a swarm of yellow jackets (or were they hornets?), but it may be the most useful. Take this fun and enlightening insect identification quiz, but beware of the creepy crawlies that are sure to wiggle their way on your screen while you take it.

2. Animal Track Identification Quiz

Help turn your Cub Scouts into pro wildlife trackers with this animal track identification quiz. It’s not only great for scouting out the safety or, shall we say, popularity of a certain spot in the woods, but your Cub Scouts will be able to tell which is really the road most traveled—and what kind of beasts have ventured there—all while learning valuable skills and knowledge for their Cub Scout adventures requirements!

3. Poisonous Plants Quiz

Well, who would have thought that a fun brain-teaser could also be so instrumental in potentially saving a life. Or at least from getting super itchy. Either way, with this poisonous plants quiz,  knowing what kind of botanical risks are out there, and how to identify with confidence the plants in your area that are poisonous or dangerous is a skill worth its weight in the Scouting world, and helpful for all your Cub Scout adventures (in both senses of the word)!

4. Search and Rescue Skills Quiz

Speaking of saving lives, the search and rescue quiz, while it may skew a bit old for some of the younger Cub Scouts, really highlights interesting ways of thinking about search and rescue before they transition to Boy Scouts. It’s a good idea to get your Scouts thinking about that way now, so when the opportunity comes up for them to earn the merit badge, or—though hopefully not—need to draw on this knowledge in a real life situation, some of these principles and best practices will be ingrained in their minds.

However you dive into these fun brain teasers and quizzes, they are ultimately useful tools to test your outdoor knowledge and expand it, for advancement, for fun, for life. As  you use these tools from Boys’ Life magazine to spice up your den meetings and help your Cub Scouts learn important hallmarks of Scouting knowledge, you’ll be more ready than ever to tackle the great outdoors this summer!