4 Awesome Ways To Use Leftover Halloween Candy

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Help sugared-up Scouts stay productive with these simple science experiments that make use of excess Halloween loot. 

Reducing candy consumption on Halloween is a tough task, but that doesn’t mean you should give in and let your Scout feast until his molars are melting and he’s bouncing off the walls. These four candy-coated experiments are a great way to make use of extra sweets, and might even teach your Scout (and you) a thing or two! Easy Experiments With Household Items OK, we know we said four experiments, but this is a 7-for-1 special! These simple candy-centric science projects are great for using up all sorts of hard and gummy treats, and can be done with everyday objects you already have around the house. Make Monster Marshmallows If your Scout brings home any marshmallow-based treats, have him put one on a plate and pop in into the microwave – it will grow enormous! Start with five second intervals, and see if you can figure out the perfect amount of time to achieve maximum hugeness. Once you’ve figured it out, you can even take the leftover marshmallows and make one of these delicious s’more variations! Breathe Fire With Hard Candy Wint-O-Green Lifesavers are an uncommon treat, but if your Scout lucks into a pack, have him turn off the lights and crunch them in his mouth. They’ll shoot off sparks, almost like lightning (but with none of the danger)! Paint With Skittles There are tons of ways to make candy art – necklaces, collages, ornaments – but this Skittles paint is one of our favorites! It’s bright, colorful, and even tastes pretty good, if you feel like sampling it.