3 Reasons the #ProudScoutDad Father’s Day Sweepstakes is for the Scout Dad in Your Life

This Father’s Day, we salute you, Scout dads.

You shuttle kids around, spend your weekends outdoors surrounded by Cub Scouts, and get really (really) into making Pinewood Derby cars.

If you’re a Scout dad, you know what a big job raising Scouts is. And if that’s not reason enough to treat yourself to a chance at a $200 Scout Stuff gift card, here are three more reasons to enter:

  1. You put the important things first. Even when you contemplate if you’re spending enough time with your kids, they’re part of Scouting – a key step in preparing them for life’s triumphs and challenges. The part you play in guiding them through outdoor adventures and life skills gives your kids major quality time with you.
  2. You’ve braved the tough stuff. Remember that time you thought you lost your keys at the close of day camp? Or when your kids were bouncing off the walls at that museum “Go See It”? Somehow it all worked out and you triumphed like the Scout super dad you are. (Cut yourself some slack next time and know all parents are facing the same kinds of challenges.)
  3. It is Father’s Day and Scout Stuff definitely has something you’ll love. They even have a curated gift guide just for dads. But if you land the $200 Scout Stuff gift card we’re giving away to one lucky dad, you can spend it on items not on the list, too. Think: Scouting uniforms and other can’t-find-anywhere-else gadgets.

If you’re a #ProudScoutDad of a Scout in any of the BSA’s programs, get in on the sweepstakes by completing the info below. It’s easy and you deserve it: