2014: The Year in Review

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It’s been quite a year! But we find that when spending the year with Cub Scouts, youth is not wasted on the young; they share it! No wonder we feel more youthful!

In looking back on the year, however, we noticed that there was a lot to talk about in 2014, so we decided to recap some of the most important and most popular discussions we’ve had, and the memories (in the “Digital Pack”) we’ve built over the last 12 months. Let’s reminisce a few.

1. First, new changes were announced, then details revealed, and updates finalized about all of the upcoming changes and updates (and new book covers) for the Cub Scouts program. These are exciting changes and more information is constantly being shared as Cub Masters and Scout Leaders prepare to implement them in 2015. Reminder: Don’t forget about the Webcast on Jan 17 explaining the new program.


2. Famed designer and fashion titan, Oscar de la Renta passed away in 2014. Among his finest accomplishments was the design of the Scout uniforms, which may have surprised many of you, especially those new to Scouting in the last few years. But for roughly three decades, millions of Scouts and Scouters wore Oscar de la Renta’s iconic uniforms, and despite uniform changes today, his influence is still largely visible.


3. Our Cub Scout-themed smart phone backgrounds were a massive hit! First featured here on the Cub Hub, then in Scouting Magazine, thousands of you downloaded the backgrounds and made your smartphone a fashion statement of your passionate commitment to Cub Scouts, making this a notable new trend of 2014.

Cub-Scout-phone-backgrounds (1)

4. If you are on Instagram, you couldn’t miss the explosive growth of the Cub Scouts’ official Instagram feed. That’s right, @thecubscouts became one hot tamale as we reached new heights in connecting with so many of you in the Scouting world, sharing and liking some of the best photos of Cub Scouts we’ve ever seen. Likewise, because of all of you sharing photos of your Cub Scouts, a simple search of the hashtag #cubscouts, returns more than 30,000 entries, making 2014 the year Cub Scouts practically took over Instagram. (the photo below is from @chia1)

cub scout instagram ex

5. Late in 2014 saw the launch of our very own #CubChat on Twitter. We only had time to squeeze in a couple of “chats” before the holidays, but they were warmly received, and it was so much fun to get to know many of you Scout moms and dads, and Cub leaders out there on Twitter. And if we may say, you are all doing amazing work, and changing the world. We loved learning from you and can’t wait for more Twitter chats to come! Click on the image below to see the archive of our past chats. Stay posted by following us on Twitter for the next #CubChat in the coming weeks.

cub chat images

6. It was a banner year for Boys’ Life magazine, winning several awards. But for Ad Week’s “Readers’ Choice” awards for “Hottest Kids/Teen Magazine,” all of you showed up to vote in droves, pulling the magazine ahead of National Geographic Kids, and clinching the prize. Of course, it’s our favorite magazine for youth, and it appears we weren’t alone in that sentiment. We’re very proud of our friends and family over at Boys’ Life who work tirelessly to bring us fascinating, useful and funny information to share and share again.


7. Speaking of magazines, Men’s Journal was swept away with two Eagle Scouts (one of them just 16) who proved that life is one big adventure. Every year, Men’s Journal lists the greatest record-breaking feats, and 2014 saw 16-year-old Matt Moniz, an Eagle Scout, become the youngest person to summit 27,766-foot Makalu, the fifth tallest mountain in the world. And, as Scouting Magazine put it, “he did it one week after summiting 26,905-foot Cho Oyu, the sixth tallest.” Matt is a mountain climbing star, and an inspiring example to Cub Scouts and everyone wanting to “Build an Adventure.”


8. Finally, we couldn’t be more thrilled with former Cub Scout, Logan Guleff, (who has recently transitioned to Boy Scouts) for winning Gordon Ramsay’s hit reality cooking show, MasterChef Junior. Logan proved every week the Scout’s motto to “Do Your Best,” and he did! Winning the gold and showing all of us a lot of really tasty recipes along the way. Read more about Logan in Scouting Magazine, and follow him on Twitter!


As we all reflect on the last year and prepare for the new one, we at the Cub Hub hope you have all the joys and successes you hope for, and rise up to the challenges that come. After all, it’s all a part of building the adventure. Happy New Year!