Council Resources

2018 Membership Validation Requirements

Annual Resolutions

This link takes you to a list of all of the resolutions your council needs to approve on an annual basis and an actual template for each resolution.

Council Key 3 Orientation

Responsibilities and guidelines for the council Key 3, which consists of the council president, council commissioner, and Scout executive. They meet informally as necessary to ensure proper coordination of the work of the council. They furnish liaisons between the commissioner staff and the various committees of the council.

Council Nominating Committee Worksheet (No. 513-331)

The local council nominating committee has the important responsibility of selecting a slate of council leaders who will be responsible for achieving the council objectives and by so doing increase the effectiveness of Scouting.

Council President’s Orientation

These pieces are designed to be used by an Area director when giving orientation to one or more new council Presidents.

The information can easily be used in a group setting with multiple new Presidents and is designed to last about three hours. This is the preferred method.

Council President’s Orientation (one hour)

These pieces are designed to be used in a one on one session to orient a new council President. They can be used by the Scout executive or the Area director and are designed to take about an hour.

Council Officer Retreats & Fellowship Events (No. 14-162A)

Key leaders in several local Boy Scout councils and other community service organizations have recognized the great value of council officer retreats and fellowship events.

The Council (No. 33071)

This guidebook explains how the local council functions to carry out the purpose of the BSA, with recommendations for membership, finance, program, and unit service.