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Below is a list of services offered by the Strategic Performance Office. Click on a service link or contact a staff member for additional information, resources, support documents, and templates that may be helpful to you on your Journey to Excellence.

Harold Keller, Department Manager

Requirements, FAQs, support documents, webinars, PowerPoint slides, and service project information.

Staff: Jeff RandVivian Skinner

Administrative Reviews, Business Practices Assessments, Financially Sustainable Council Assessments, Governance Assessment, 10 Steps, 360 Reviews, and All Market Strategy.

Staff: Harold KellerJeff RandAnthony Gibbs

Provides councils with resources and support in the areas of accounting, governance, and good stewardship through on-site support, training courses, sharing of best practices, and resources for non-profit accounting.

Staff: Ricky LoudinSherry McFall