The Fiscal Management I Track is offered through the Finance Impact Department. Below are are the course descriptions. Participants must complete the entire track to receive a certificate.

Audits and Auditors
In this session, the presenter will discuss the audit process for local councils.

BSA Account Structure and Usage
This session provides the background for how the BSA’s chart of accounts is built. Participants will be provided with original concepts of the BSA account structure and details on how the account structure has improved to work with the new PeopleSoft Financials system.

BSA Accounting Principles
In this session, the instructor will explain the authority pyramid for accounting in the BSA.

Budgeting/Reconciliation of Subsidiary Ledgers
This session introduces participants to some best practices in building the council budget. It includes multiple ways of inputting information into ScoutNET. Participants will learn how to better manage their budgets by inputting the information correctly.

Financial Ratios and Resources
In this session, participants will learn how to perform analytics, where to get fiscal management resources, and how to interpret their Journey to Excellence scores.

Interpreting Financial Statements
This session is designed to lead participants through the statement of financial position, statement of operations, statement of activities and changes in net assets, statement of functional expenses, and statement of cash flows. Participants will learn what is contained in each line item to help them better understand these statements.

PeopleSoft Reports
This session gives examples of the new financial statements in PeopleSoft and a preview of the improvements provided by the new software.

Preventing Fraud and Abuse
This session will discuss the importance of internal control. The instructor will provide participants with real-life case studies for which they will be challenged to provide solutions.

Restricted Funds and Release from Restriction
This session is designed to take a deep dive into understanding the types of donor restrictions and how to track them. Understand also how to record the release from restrictions in the general ledger.

Ship’s Harbor Exercise
This session is a hands-on exercise. Participants will build financial statements one transaction at a time. They will learn what is contained in each line item to help them better understand the statements. Please note: This session is six hours total.