The BSA General Fund Development Track is offered through the Development and Corporate Alliances Department. The course descriptions are below.

Building Your Council’s Annual Development Plan
A written annual fund development plan is critical to your council’s success. The plan clearly communicates to volunteers and staff alike what, when, and how the council will conduct the fund development activities. This session will explore best practices and will help you create a personalized and effective development plan for your council.

Conducting Effective Friends of Scouting (FOS) Campaigns
Every council in the BSA conducts an annual FOS campaign, but the effectiveness of those campaigns varies greatly. Staff leaders and volunteers from some of our most successful councils will share their techniques for conducting FOS campaigns that not only are successful and consistently raise the necessary funds but attract and retain workers and donors.

Donor Development: Donor Relationship, Retention, and Moves Management
It has been said that it is easier to keep a donor than it is to find a new one. The key to keeping donors is the creation of a relationship based on common goals and desires. In this session we will explore the best methods to create lasting donor relationships that retain and enhance the donor’s commitment to the Scouting program.

E-Funding Tools: What Is Available
Is e-funding new to your council? Are your families, friends, and donors able to register for events, contribute, and fundraise from others online? The BSA has the tools to make this possible. Come and learn about Blackbaud Sphere and “A Place to Give.”

Effective Direct Mail Campaigns
Direct mail campaigns still remain a key tool in overall marketing plans. When planned, executed, and refined correctly, they can be a very effective way of gaining visibility with tangible and measurable results. The first step in having a successful direct mail fundraising campaign is having an understanding of the fundamentals—what direct mail is, what it is not, and what to expect with a direct mail campaign.

Grant Writing
Writing the grant is not the only step in the process of securing a foundation grant. Learn how to research, cultivate, and prepare for the process. In this session, participants will get tips on the basic mechanics, structure, and form of grant writing.

Income Diversity: Product Sales
Councils continue to explore new income sources in order to meet their service needs. Has your council examined its income diversity? In determining income diversity, you must be prepared to choose appropriate mixes based on the circumstances, mission, and strategic plan.

Special Events That Work
Effective special events are a key element in any annual fund development plan, but if not examined regularly, they can become expensive and staff intensive. Hear from councils that successfully strike a balance of special events that attract donors and highlight the Scouting program to the community.

Sponsorships are not about a tee-box sign at your golf outing. Securing sponsorship for events, programs, and year-round relationships is a challenge in a time of tight corporate budgets, especially for nonprofits that need to prove they can provide real ROI in addition to generating goodwill for their sponsors. Learn what sponsors want from their partners, how you can break into the sponsor market locally, and how to create activation of the BSA’s national partnerships to benefit your council’s bottom line.

Target Analytics: A New Partner in Online Donor Research
Visit with an expert from Blackbaud Target Analytics on how ResearchPoint can improve your knowledge of major gift prospects in your council. ResearchPoint is the integrated research tool in Blackbaud CRM and is currently accessible by your council.