Sample Grant Proposals

Grants submitted by local councils

Researching Foundations and Writing Grant Proposals

Capital / Endowment Grants

Camp Equipment

Camp Improvement

Capital Campaign Example

Financing the “Be Prepared Campaign” – Endowment – Capital

Project COPE

Marketing Grants

Membership Grants

Challenge for the Community – Scouting Membership

Hispanic Emphasis Program

Public Housing

Rural Outreach 2

Scouting – The Positive Alternative – Membership

Scouting for the Disabled 1

Scouting for the Disabled 2

Scouting for the Disabled 3

Scouting Program – Brazilian Initiative

Scouting Program Expansion – Membership

ScoutReach/Asian Emphasis

ScoutReach/Hispanic Emphasis

ScoutReach/Hispanic Emphasis 1

ScoutReach/Hispanic Emphasis 2

ScoutReach/Hispanic Emphasis 3

ScoutReach/Urban Emphasis 2

Tiger Cubs

Project Grants

Campership 1

Campership 2


Council office

Crime Prevention

Drug Prevention

Drugs a Deadly Game

Environmental learning

Ethics in Action 1

Ethics in Action 2

Ethics in Action 3


National Leadership Conference Proposal

Prepared for Today

Professional Scouters

Public health service grant

Sea Scouting High Adventure Proposal


Training Proposal


Youth Protection

United Way