Sample Grant Proposals

Grants submitted by local councils

Researching Foundations and Writing Grant Proposals 

Capital / Endowment Grants

Camp Equipment

Camp Improvement

Capital Campaign Example

Financing the “Be Prepared Campaign” – Endowment – Capital

Project COPE

Marketing Grants

Membership Grants

Challenge for the Community – Scouting Membership

Hispanic Emphasis Program

Public Housing

Rural Outreach 2

Scouting – The Positive Alternative – Membership

Scouting for the Disabled 1

Scouting for the Disabled 2

Scouting for the Disabled 3

Scouting Program – Brazilian Initiative

Scouting Program Expansion – Membership

ScoutReach/Asian Emphasis

ScoutReach/Hispanic Emphasis

ScoutReach/Hispanic Emphasis 1

ScoutReach/Hispanic Emphasis 2

ScoutReach/Hispanic Emphasis 3

ScoutReach/Urban Emphasis 2

Tiger Cubs




Project Grants

Campership 1

Campership 2


Council office

Crime Prevention

Drug Prevention

Drugs a Deadly Game

Environmental learning

Ethics in Action 1

Ethics in Action 2

Ethics in Action 3


Literacy Boys’ Life

Literacy New

Literacy Old

National Leadership Conference Proposal

Prepared for Today

Professional Scouters

Public health service grant

Sea Scouting High Adventure Proposal


Training Proposal


Youth Protection


United Way