Blackbaud Sphere (Kintera) Help

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You received a check from Blackbaud Sphere (Kintera):

  1. Log into Sphere (need a login? email the Council Fund Development Team)
  2. Hover over Control
  3. Hover over Reports
  4. Hover over Billing
  5. Click on Payment Details
  6. Choose date range for your report (billing cycles are the 1st through the 15th, and the 16th through the last day of the month)
  7. Click on Run Report
  8. View your report—from the details of the payments, choose to run specific reports
    • Registration event detail report
    • Donate Now report
    • Memorial contributions reports—Donor report & Acknowledgement report
    • Run specific reports and choose to print or export data.
    • Enter data into ScoutNET fundraising software.  Download accounting instructions.

    If you would prefer to receive your Sphere payments via EFT, click here.

    To obtain a SAS 70 report from Blackbaud for Sphere, you need to provide a formal request on council letterhead.  The request must include the following:

    • Organization Name
    • Client Contact Name and Email
    • Organization Address
    • Organization City, State, Zip
    • Client Signature

    The request can be faxed (858-795-3010), mailed (9605 Scranton Rd., Ste 240, San Diego, CA 92111), or emailed ( and should be addressed to Blackbaud Business Process Engineering—ATTN: Vanessa Foy.