Fiscal Documents

Fiscal Management Documents

Accountable Plan Template

Audit—Audit Committee Guidebook
Audit—Audit Committee Matrix—PowerPoint Presentation
Audit—Audit Committee Matrix—Slides and teaching notes
Audit—Audit Referral Programupdated January 4, 2018
Audit—Local Council Guide to the 2018 Auditupdated January 2, 2019
Audit—2018 Audit Guide Excerpt – Sample Notes to 2018 Financial Statements 
Audit—2018 Audit Self-Review Guideformerly Local Council Audit Toolkit
Audit—Local Council Guide to the 2017 Audit – call Member Care for previous version
Audit—Local Council FASB 2018 Audit and Tax Update Power Point 
Council Office Procedures
Council Stewardship Policies
Executive Board Self-Assessment—Revised March 2014 (This does not qualify for JTE. To find the Board Assessment for JTE, contact Member Care)
FASB Accounting Changes and the BSA – new for 2018
Fiduciary Responsibilities of the Council Executive Board—Revised March 2014
Fiscal Management Procedures for Stewardship
Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units—Revised March 2015.
Interpreting Financial Statements
IRR Calculator—this Excel worksheet will help you calculate your council’s Intravest Rate of Return
Life Insurance Imputed Calculation
Local Council Accounting Manual
Local Council FASB 2018 Audit and Tax Update Power-Point
Local Council FASB 2018 Audit and Tax Update Recorded Presentation
Local Council Guide to the 2018 IRS Form 990—Posted April 2019 
New York Conflict of Interest Policy—Updated March 2014
New York Conflict of Interest Policy—March 2014
Records Retention Policy– Updated January 2019
Planned Budgeting #80-236
Presentation: Fringe Benefits: Employer-Provided Vehicles and Group-Term Life Insurance – Uploaded April 2014
Record Camp Card Transactions—PeopleSoft
Record Product Sales in General Ledger
Stewardship Responsibilities of Local Councils
Time Study Forms
Unit Budget Plan—Updated September 2010