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The most basic assumption by new Scouts and their parents is Scouting will provide outdoor adventure.  Here are some resources to help you deliver quality outdoor programs.

For great (safe and fun) council outdoor programs always start with volunteers committed to building a solid Outdoor Programs Committee 

Here is a page full of suggestions and guidance for Boy Scout Outdoor Programs

This page is called Awards Central

Stay up on all the latest developments in the world of STEM Scouting.


Many of these are the same program related products suggested for your camp programs.  There may be some opportunities for considerable savings on council and district activities. 

Portable Outdoor Programming (POP) offers exciting program venues that are easily transportable. 

To purchase a quantity of tents at a discount contact Bob Lusk

Quality lifejackets can be purchased at discount prices from MTI Adventurewear.  Click here for details.


What services does the National Council have to offer? Other than the many, many written program materials, trainings, best practices, high adventure opportunities and national events…not much.