Welcome to Finance


Keeping the council on firm financial footing is one of the first responsibilities of the council leadership.

PurchasingPoint – We have partnered with the National Human Services Assembly to provide our members access to the PurchasingPoint® program.  PurchasingPoint® is an exclusive discount program for nonprofits that leverages group buying power to get access to significant savings from your everyday vendors.  The program is designed to help nonprofits reduce overhead costs by providing access to discounts on a vast range of products and services including, but not limited to: office supplies, shipping, copiers, postage equipment, furniture, cleaning supplies, promotional merchandise, car rental, cell phones, and more.

National Purchasing Contracts –
The National Council purchasing department has negotiated contract pricing designed to help councils reduce operating and capital costs.

Local Council Participation Grant Application – Rebates received from vendors are given out to councils through a grant process.  See the application for details 

Outdoor Programs and Properties – Save time and money by using all the resources offered here.



Here are some of the products units and councils have used successfully to save or raise money. 

Camp Cards – Boy Scouts Camp Card program is delivered by All American Card Company with offers provided by Entertainment®, in partnership with BSA National Council Fund Development.

Popcorn Prize PIP – BSA Supply Group offers an alternative to the single supplier that currently supports most of the popcorn providers, while also offering several great benefits to our councils. 

US Foods – Buying volume generated under the national BSA program, allows councils to take advantage of lower pricing than they could negotiate on their own.



Here are a few services some councils use to help in their effort to manage, raise and/or save money.

A Place To Give – Get this link on your website to encourage visitors to donate to Scouting.

Jitasa – BSA’s Approved Outsourced Accounting Solution  – If a council finds itself need account management or bookkeeping services, this company has proven its ability.

 Boy Scouts of America Asset Management (BSAAM) – Endowment Funds Management that leverages the strength of the National and other local councils

Vantiv (formerly MercuryPay) BSA’s Approved Credit Card Processing Solution – With Mercury, you can accept the most common payment types and card brands, while enjoying reliable uptime, real time transaction viewing

CAP/Sellwise – BSA’s Approved Point of Sale Solution – Sellwise point of sale (POS) software is the engine that drives your retail store.  For more information contact www.capretail.com/bsasupport.

IOIPay – BSA’s Approved Payroll Solution – IOI is a national leader in payroll processing, tax filing and human-resource administration solutions helping councils maximize efficiency and reduce bottom line costs.

Auditor Referral Program – The Audit Referral Program is being coordinated by the National Council to offer local councils the opportunity to work with qualified audit firms that will provide the highest quality audit while striving to keep costs low.

501C Unemployment Services – Save money on unemployment costs and valuable staff time by reimbursing claims in a secure environment. 

USI Colorado Insurance – Helping councils by providing guidance and advice to help make informed decisions.  Coverages include: Property, Loss of Income, Crime, Watercraft & Equipment, Auto Liability, Workers Compensation, Risk Management, Property Valuation and assistance and advice.

Hartsook – Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and Hartsook Companies, Inc. have partnered to provide local councils with year-round, professional fundraising expertise for the operating fund.  This innovative alliance will give councils the freedom to focus on Scouting and leave operating fund raising to the experts.