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From a Scout’s point of view, everything in camp is program. Approach every activity and event as an opportunity to give that Scout the best program you can.

The Outdoor Programs Website is where most of the program information on this site comes from. Don’t hesitate to contact Council Services for program answers you can’t find online.

Enlist the help of your council Outdoor Programs Committee for expertise in developing high quality camp programs. This guide shows you what this committee is and what they may be able to help with.

Always reference NCAP standards as you plan and evaluate your camp programs.

Get key staff and program area leaders properly trained at National Camping Schools 

Your are responsible for training your staff in several key subjects.  Find those training resources here


Learn where to shop for, compare prices, and purchase high-quality products for use or sale from companies trusted by the BSA. 

Someone in your council is authorized to make wholesale purchases from ScoutStuff

For the complete list of BSA Shared Services contracts and agreements click here 


Here is a list of camp related literature available online

If you have responsibility for camp maintenance and development click here