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Great camps always start with a great first impression.  The care and maintenance of your properties is critical to setting the stage for great programs.

Rangers, Professionals and Properties Committee members need training and guidance.  Check here for some training and guidance opportunities.

Rangers, here is the NCAP Facilities Evaluation system you and your council will need keep up to date

Scouts can learn, earn and advance in Scouting on your properties.

Automotive Repair

Composite Materials


Environmental Science

Farm Mechanics

Fire Safety

Fish & Wildlife Mgmt


Home Repairs

Landscape Architecture




Soil & Water Conservation




Learn where to shop for, compare prices, and purchase high-quality products for use or sale from companies trusted by the BSA. 

For the complete list of National Contracts click here

Contact Dave Cornell for information about new Camp Maintenance software


Rangers work hard.  Anywhere we can save them some time or effort is a win.  Here are a few services to help Rangers and camps win.

A great tool for long term camp and equipment improvement is Camp Maintenance Software. Contact Dave Cornell for info.

A list of available design guidelines can be found here.  Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Managing properties wisely is not a need unique to your council.  See these Best Practices from some other councils’ learned lessons.