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Fishing is an activity many adults enjoy and some are even passionate about.  That makes fishing very popular with Scouts, because they can learn and share that passion with  adult leaders, mentors and parents.

Use fishing programs to attract both youth and adults to Scouting.

Certified Angler Instructors (CAI) are great people to teach quality fishing programs   at the council or unit level.  Click here for details.  

Contact Ben Jelsema for dates and locations of CAI courses.  

For Boy Scouts who are serious fishermen, the Complete Angler recognition is a challenge.

If no CAIs are available to assist, here is help for running a fishing program for Dens and Packs

Module 1 Organize an Outing  Module 2 Unit Opportunities      Module 3 Where to Get Help    Module 4 Day Camp Fishing Module 5 Selecting Equipment

The BSA is partnered with the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) to provide this Passport to Fishing and Boating guide for unit or family fun and learning.

For complete information about BSA fishing programs go to our website here

Here are some useful tools for counselors of fishing related Merit Badges: Fishing, Fly Fishing, Fish and Wildlife Management   


Fly Fishing

Fish & Wildlife Management


Here are some products to start or expand fishing programs and the unit or council level.

Zebco will give up to 50% off fishing gear, including rigs for beginner or experienced fishermen and fresh or saltwater fishing.    Contact Kem Meadows for details  


For assistance with establishing or managing a fishery at your council camp or other questions dealing with the physical resources needed to run a quality fishing program, contact John Stewart or Dave Cornell

Here are some design guidelines for building a floating dock