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Camping Programs are among the most traditional yet still most popular activities in the BSA.  Here are some resources to boost your council camping programs. 

Cub Day Camp is terrific when done right.  The Day Camp Administrative Guide will help you do it right.

And get them coming back to your camp over and over by following the Resident Camping for Cub Scouting guide

Here is a list of some of the other great Camping Resources and alternative Boy Scout Outdoor Programs

Here are requirements to some of the many popular camping related Merit Badges




First Aid




Signs, Signals & Codes


For the serious outdoorsman there is the National Outdoor Awards program. Check it out!




There are several purchasing deals with companies trusted by the BSA dealing with quality camping products. 

Always a great source for just the right camping gear is your ScoutStuff catalogue.  Including two invaluable tools for every Boy Scout, The Boy Scout Handbook and the BSA Fieldbook.

Contact Bob Lusk for some great deals with several tent suppliers.

Chris Davis owns Davis Tents  and wants to work with camps and units for their tent needs

Contact Amy Krouse regarding Rand McNally handheld GPS devices.

Contact John Brown for deals on Conestoga Log Cabins

Barnes & Noble offers the BSA a 25% discount on all books, Janet Sakel can help with orders




There are many services available to promote camping and assist councils with their camp properties.

Use this guide because every council needs to have an effective Outdoor Programs Committee

If your council is considering making a Cub World at camp see the Cub World Planning and Program Guide

Contact Rob Kolb with other camping questions