Council Strategic Planning and Management

The Strategy Team provides a variety of services for council staff, board leadership, and council strategic planning committees:

  • Training – Council Strategic Plan and My Council Plan training through conference calls, webinars, and one day workshops
  • Consulting – Feedback on existing council strategic plans.  Coaching on how to drive effective communications and successful achievement of a council strategic plan.
  • Facilitation – Help in creating new or updated council strategic plans. Facilitation services for councils that need assistance getting started.  Guidance throughout the development and implementation of a council strategic plan.
  • Administration – Inputting existing strategic plans into the My Council Plan.  Maintenance, enhancement, and technical support of the web based My Council Plan tool.

The Strategy Team has developed a Council Strategic Management process to help your council in the development, communication, and management of your strategic plan.  The My Council Plan tools have been developed using industry best practices and are aligned to Journey to Excellence metrics.

We can help your council create and manage your strategic plan and facilitate the successful achievement of your strategic objectives.  Our process helps you deliver the promise of Scouting in today’s ever changing environment.

Explore the resources that can help your council in strategic planning.