Commissioner Service for Non-Traditional or Faith-Based Units

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A new course, Commissioner Service for Non-Traditional or Faith-Based Units, will be offered at Philmont Training Center during Commissioner Week this summer. The topics in this course will include what you need to know as a district commissioner, assistant district commissioner, or unit commissioner to help these units in your area be successful in the delivery of the mission of Scouting. Non-traditional units are those that involve underserved communities or minority groups. You will learn the mission of commissioner service, the importance of effective monthly unit visits, unit self-assessments and action planning, providing charter renewal, annual service plans, commissioner priorities, and the commissioner’s role in assisting units to succeed in their Journey to Excellence.

While the outline of the course has not been fully developed, the following lists some of the topics that will be covered. We will send a questionnaire asking students to profile their role as a commissioner and detail the types of units they serve. This information will be used to divide the group into subgroups.

  • Introduction to non-traditional units and multicultural markets and how to provide commissioner service
    • Rural
    • Urban
    • Learning for Life
    • Asian
    • Hispanic
    • African American
    • Native American
    • Single parent
    • Home-schooled youth
  • Workshop on how to serve multicultural markets
  • Introduction to various faith-based units and how to provide commissioner service
    • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    • Jewish
    • Islamic
    • Buddhist
    • Jainism
  • Workshop on Commissioner Service of a Faith-Based Unit
  • Overview of Resources AvailableMembership Web Page
  • Recognitions for support of non-traditional units
    • William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award
    • Founders Bar
    • Community Organization Award
    • Asian American Spirit Award
    • Shofar Award

Note: Because this course hasn’t been fully developed, the topics are subject to change.

It would be wonderful to have a few experts in faith-based units present at the conference, as well as those well-versed in working in multicultural markets.