All Markets Strategy and Underserved Markets: the Commissioner Role

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U.S. demographics are rapidly transforming the culture and habits of the nation. In order to provide the benefits of Scouting to today’s youth, the BSA must:

  • Build understanding and competencies to actively court emerging-market customers
  • Be aggressively involved in and build understanding of our emerging-market communities
  • Recruit, retain, and promote a culturally relevant workforce, volunteers, and partnerships
  • Have top leadership buy-in to support, define goals, communicate, and integrate an All Markets Strategy BSA business practices


The mission of the BSA’s All Markets Strategy is to develop and implement a comprehensive diversity strategy that builds cultural competencies and strategic alignment of goals and accountabilities throughout the Boy Scouts of America to maximize the power of diversity, resulting in superior and measurable business practices, enhanced performance, and a sustainable market advantage through quality and sustainable new-unit growth in our underserved communities, particularly, but not limited to, African American, Asian, and Hispanic communities.

The BSA All Markets Strategy is NOT an initiative, outreach, or emphasis; it is a strategic, organization-wide business strategy to build the necessary infrastructure, tools, training, support systems, and talent necessary to excel in reaching our changing markets.


The vision of the BSA’s All Markets Strategy is to provide quality and sustainable Scouting experiences to our underserved and growth-potential markets by attracting and retaining new BSA membership, volunteers, and community partners that more closely reflect the demographic makeup of the U.S. population, resulting in an overall increase in BSA membership.

BSA Commissioner Discussion

So how does the commissioner fit into the All Markets Strategy? The National Commissioner Task Force has recognized that commissioners will play a pivotal role in supporting this strategy by ensuring that new units from our underserved markets are identified and quickly served by commissioners.

The new-unit leaders may require additional support in order to launch a successful unit, and they may need to be served through a dedicated new-unit mentoring program conducted by the commissioner and/or another dedicated volunteer identified by the commissioner.

The National Commissioner Task Force supports the mission and vision of the BSA’s All Markets Strategy by providing commissioners information and support so they can assist unit leaders in delivering quality and sustainable Scouting experiences to our underserved youth and growth-potential markets.