Continuous Training

Monthly Training

District commissioners are responsible for seeing that every member of their staff receives adequate training. After completing basic training and being commissioned, commissioners should attend training at the monthly district commissioner cabinet meeting. It is the responsibility of the district commissioner to provide monthly training at the cabinet meeting. Thus, every month commissioners are enhancing their knowledge of the program and how they can best serve units through continuous training.

Annual Training Event

One of the principal responsibilities of the council commissioner is to see that a complete program is in place to train every commissioner in the council. In addition to enhancing their knowledge at the monthly cabinet meetings, a commissioner should plan to attend an annual training event, which can be in the form of a commissioner conference or College of Commissioner Science or both. Nationally developed courses, resource materials, and training recognition provide the structure for good commissioner training. It is the local council’s mission to provide fun, sparkle, motivation, and frequent training opportunities so that commissioners will learn good unit service skills.