College of Commissioner Science

The course and curriculum, as well as the course numbering, have been updated for the College of Commissioner Science.

To accommodate local courses and keep a consistent numbering system, it is suggested that the following course numbering system be implemented in each council:

Bachelors Courses

101—199 National courses

201—299 Local council courses

Masters Courses

301—399 National courses

401—499 Local council courses

Doctorate Courses

501—599 National courses

601—699 Local council courses

Continuing Education

701—799 National courses

801—899 Local council courses

Note that there is now a nationally approved set of Continuing Education courses.

Each course is in a zip file that is self-contained with all materials—course outline, teaching notes, PowerPoint presentation, and handouts necessary to teach the course. Simply click on the link and download the file. Most versions of Windows have a utility that will unpack zipped files. If you need an unzip utility, you can find a number of free versions by doing a Google search. Each zip file will include multiple files with the following prefixes:

  • 001 — A list of the documents that should be in the file set; this is included so you can make sure nothing is missing after unpacking the files
  • 002 — Course outline
  • 003 — Teaching notes for the suggested primary and secondary teaching method
  • 004 — A listing of materials needed for the class, such as flipchart, markers, Post-it notes, index cards, digital projector, laptop, printouts, etc.
  • 010 — PowerPoint presentation of the course
  • 011-025 — Handouts, data sheets, manuals, etc., used for the class

Please click on the level below to download courses.




Continuing Education

Commissioner College Courses Archive

The General folder contains a backdater spreadsheet, templates for college certificates, a sample budget, and a sample one-day course schedule. These resources make it easier for the dean and staff to conduct a college.

College of Commissioner Science Resource Folder