College of Commissioner Science

Curriculum for All Degree Programs

Click on the links below for the most current version of the nationally provided College of Commissioner Science courses:

Current Curriculum

The Curriculum Review Team will be updating courses on a regular basis. The most current can be found here:

Click here for CCS archives

For both current and archived.  Each course is in a zip file that is self-contained with all materials—course outline, teaching notes, PowerPoint presentation, and handouts necessary to teach the course. Simply click on the link and download the file.

In addition, local councils are authorized to develop meaningful content that is relevant to improve Unit Service in their area.

Bachelors Courses
101—199 National courses 201—299 Local council courses
Masters Courses
301—399 National courses 401—499 Local council courses
Doctorate Courses
501—599 National courses 601—699 Local council courses
Continuing Education
701—799 National courses 801—899 Local council courses

Administrative Resources

The College of Commissioner Science is a significant event and requires detailed planning to be successful.

Several proven administrative resources are provided to ensure that local councils can deliver a great College of Commissioner Science.

The College of Commissioner Science Resources page includes several folders for download:

  • College basics
  • Curriculum notes
  • Degree requirements
  • Virtual College notes
  • Sample catalog ideas
  • Sample evaluations
  • Sample facility guides
  • Sample financial forms
  • Sample planning guides
  • Sample schedules
  • Typical job descriptions

Feedback on Curriculum

Commissioners are encouraged to provide feedback on our College of Commissioner Science curriculum and Administrative Resources. If you have suggestions for updates or if you note errors in the material, please use the form below to share your comments. All feedback is collected by the Curriculum Review Team and is considered for future updates

Feedback on College of Commissioner Science materials

Be sure to include your email address in the body of the message if you would like a response.