2015 Commissioner Workshop at the Sea Base Conference Center

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“An Overview of Commissioner Service” is the title of the Commissioner Training Conference to be held Jan. 18–24 at the Sea Base Conference Center in Islamorada, Florida. The conference will be taught by Kandra Dickerson, Central Region Area 5 commissioner; Kresha Alvarado, Circle 10 Council, assistant council commissioner; and Jeff McKinney, Northeast Region Area 3 commissioner.

The topics covered in this conference are designed to help you bring best practices and current ideas to your role as a commissioner, whether you directly serve a unit, serve as a roundtable commissioner, or are an administrative commissioner. The course outline includes:

  • Four main focus areas for commissioners
  • Finding and using commissioner resources
  • Annual Service Plan
  • Commissioner’s role in retention
  • Linking district resources to unit needs
  • Commissioner Tools
  • Roundtable organization and the new program planning guides
  • Building better relationships with unit leaders through effective communication
  • Commissioner support to new units
  • Voice of the Scout and what it means to your units
  • Managing conflict
  • Best practices forum

Click here to register for commissioner training at Sea Base in January. If you have any questions about attending Sea Base, please contact Tim Acree, national commissioner service training chair, at tim.acree@comcast.net.