Scouting U Launches New BSA LearnCenter

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By Tim Acree and Steve Yackel, Scouting U Instructional Team Lead

Connecting volunteers to the learning content they need when they need it is the purpose of the new BSA LearnCenter. In today’s fast-paced world, Scouting volunteers want to know how to deliver quality Scouting programs to youth, but need to access training in short learning segments. Delivering a quality Scouting program makes volunteering as a leader rewarding. When the Scouting program is delivered as designed, leaders get to see the youth become more confident and resilient as they begin to learn and practice leadership at all levels.

The BSA LearnCenter is designed to provide new and robust methods of delivering learning to leaders. Position-specific training is now delivered in three parts called learning plans. The content for each learning plan is designed for the specific position and is recommended to be taken before the first meeting, within the first 30 days, and within 90 days to complete position-specific training. The training program is self-paced, allowing the volunteer to complete the training as quickly as he or she would like.

The first content offered in the new BSA LearnCenter is for Cub Scout leaders. This content supports the program changes to Cub Scouting. To access the training, log into Create an account if you are a new leader, and select the Online Training button on the home page.

The BSA LearnCenter will host commissioner-specific content starting in the fourth quarter of 2015. We will start with video training content for Commissioner Tools, building a Unit Service Plan, and a new orientation course for commissioners of LDS units.

Keep up to date on new content by selecting the What’s New tab in the BSA LearnCenter. New content will be added regularly to support our volunteers.