Commissioner Training Update

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Basic Training

All seven of the Basic Training courses have been updated and are posted at These updated courses incorporate Commissioner Tools and the new Unit Service Plan as well as program updates. Please use these new courses when conducting Basic Training.

College Courses

All 68 commissioner college courses as well as the supporting materials in the General folder have been updated by the team listed below:

  • Dick Kroll—Continuing Education courses
  • Peter Matrow—Doctorate courses
  • Craig Donais—Master courses
  • Bill Kropa—Bachelor courses
  • Suzanne Windisch—Materials in the General folder

This team has been working since the beginning of the year to update the courses. I hope you find them easy to use when conducting college courses. All course materials are contained in the ZIP files that you can download. It was a monumental task to get all 68 courses updated, and I appreciate the support of those listed above as well as those they recruited to assist in the updates.

Note: There are now seven additional courses as support for roundtable commissioners. Thus, a college can now offer a bachelor degree in roundtable science. These courses are posted at the Bachelor Courses link on the Commissioner Training page. More information about the courses is available in the “New College of Commissioner Science Roundtable Courses” article.

Dean’s Retreat

August 28–30, 2015, is the College of Commissioner Science Dean’s Retreat, hosted by the Commissioner Training team. The faculty for the retreat is Peter Matrow, first dean of the Commissioner College at Philmont, and Terry Chapman, faculty member for the Commissioner College at Philmont for two years. Both Peter and Terry, who have also been dean of the commissioner colleges in their respective councils, will share their experiences.

This first College of Commissioner Science Dean’s Retreat will be held at the Scouting University Westlake Campus, which is located 10 miles from DFW Airport in Westlake, Texas. This is the same facility where professional Scouters attend their training classes and are commissioned.

During our weekend retreat we will share best practices from commissioner colleges across the nation and have a number of guest speakers. We plan to tour the National Scouting Museum, the national headquarters, and other local attractions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you are the dean of a commissioner college, this conference is for you! You don’t want to miss it. We also encourage associate deans, doctorate deans, and degree deans to attend the conference.

Register at The conference fee of $75 covers meals and tours (travel and housing not included).

LDS Commissioner Orientation Course

Articles for The Commissioner have to be submitted a month in advance of publication of the newsletter. When the article for the Winter 2015 edition was written, we were on track to complete and post the training for LDS commissioners. Unfortunately, the church leadership has not approved the final version of the training, and without approval it could not be posted. While those who worked very hard on the training are disappointed, we need to make sure that the training is approved. With the change in the Young Men’s Presidency at the end of April, the course approval will probably be extended. This course is needed and the church leadership is supportive, but we have not received the necessary approvals. I do apologize for any inconvenience.