Commissioner Week 2015

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Commissioner Week at the Philmont Training Center for 2015 will be Week 2: June 14–20. If you have not been to Commissioner Week before, this is the year to go. Last year we received our highest ratings yet from the feedback, and we plan to further enhance the experience.

A new conference titled Advanced Leadership Skills for Administrative Commissioners is being offered this year. Conference topics will include the significance of leaders, how to build better relationships, aspirations of leaders, mentoring and coaching, and how to leave a legacy of leadership.

If you serve faith-based or non-traditional units, consider attending the Commissioner Service for Non-Traditional or Faith-Based Units conference to better understand how to improve your service to those units as well as be exposed to the many resources available from the BSA for reaching multicultural and underserved markets.

All of the position-specific conferences offered last year will be offered again this year.

Note: An additional Unit Commissioner conference will be offered during Week 8: July 26–August 1. If you are a unit commissioner and cannot attend Week 2, please sign up for Week 8.

See the Philmont flier for more information or go to the Philmont Conferences page. Please consider making a personal commitment to attend one of the conferences offered this year. You will not be disappointed!

If you have any questions about commissioner training, please contact Tim Acree, national commissioner service training chair, at