Training for Commissioner Service

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 Tim Acree
Tim Acree
National Commissioner Service Training Chair
 Tim Acree

Commissioner training has been significantly revised for 2012. Please read this article carefully, especially if you are responsible for conducting commissioner basic training or a Commissioner College.

Basic training has been changed from one course for all commissioners to a position-specific course for unit commissioners, new-unit commissioners, and district and assistant district commissioners. Focusing the training on concepts needed for each position made it possible to shorten the training from three sessions that were each two hours long to one session that is about three hours long. This will make it easier to train new commissioners and get them fielded. The training has also been updated to include information on new-unit retention, how the district can help serve the unit, UVTS, Journey to Excellence, Voice of the Scout, and the unit Key 3.

The College of Commissioner Science has undergone a major overhaul. Some of the courses have been dropped or renumbered and some have been significantly revised. Other courses have been added, as well as an entirely new Continuing Education curriculum. Section III, Chapter 4 of the Administration of Commissioner Service, has been updated to include much more information on how to plan and conduct a Commissioner College. The additional information includes budgeting, using Internet techniques for conducting a remote college, degree requirements and reciprocity for those attending other colleges, recordkeeping, and more.

The new and updated training courses will be ready for use shortly after approval at the 2012 National Annual Meeting and should be available for download from the Commissioners website in early July.