College of Commissioner Science

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The College of Commissioner Science curriculum is undergoing revision. The goal in updating the college courses was to improve both the quality of instruction and the materials used at a College of Commissioner Science. By using these materials, the courses will now be taught in a more consistent manner from college to college and there will be an approved PowerPoint presentation available for each course. Nationally approved courses for the College of Commissioner Science will be listed in the Administration of Commissioner Service manual and can be downloaded from the Commissioners website for use.

Once the updated manual has been posted on the Commissioners website under the “Commissioner Training” tab, there will be a link with a zip file for each course. Each zip file will be a self-contained course with all materials—course outline, teaching notes, PowerPoint presentation, and handouts. Simply click on the link and download the file. Most versions of Windows now have a utility that will unpack zip files. Each zip file will include multiple files with the following prefixes:

001—A list of the documents that should be in the file set; this is to make sure that nothing is missing after the files have been unpacked.

002—Course outline (similar to the one currently in the Continuing Education section of the administration manual)

003—Teaching notes for the suggested primary and secondary teaching methods

004—A listing of materials needed for the class, such as flipchart, markers, Post-it notes, index cards, digital projector, laptop, and printouts

010—PowerPoint presentation of the course

011–025—Handouts, data sheets, manuals, and other materials used for the class

As an example, the zip file for BCS 105 Practical Solutions to Common Unit Needs includes the following files:

001—BCS 105 Contents

002—BCS 105 Course Outline

003—BCS 105 Teaching Notes

004—BCS 105 Materials Needed

010—BCS 105 PowerPoint Presentation

011—BCS 105 Commissioner Helps

012—BCS 105 Worksheet (Pack)

013—BCS 105 Worksheet (Troop)

014—BCS 105 Worksheet (Crew)

015—BCS 105 PowerPoint Notes

Because the Commissioner College course content has changed very little since its inception, many councils have created their own college courses. To accommodate local courses and keep a consistent numbering system, it is suggested that the following course numbering system be implemented in each council:

Bachelor Courses 

101–199 National courses

201–299 Local council courses

Master Courses

301–399 National courses

401–499 Local council courses

Doctoral Courses  

501–599 National courses

601–699 Local council courses

Continuing Education

701–799 National courses

801–899 Local council courses

Note that there is now a nationally approved set of courses for Continuing Education.

Section III, Chapter 4 of the Administration of Commissioner Service will be updated to include much more information on how to plan and conduct a Commissioner College. The new information will be especially helpful to a council holding its first college, but it will also contain new information for even the most experienced college dean.

The following commissioners worked on the update:

Bachelor curriculum:

Peter Matrow, lead

Randy Corgan

Cheryl Izyk

Tony Mei

Gene Eplee

Master curriculum:

Jon Baake, lead

Jane Condon          

Jay Laser

Mark Morris

Bill Yoder

Dominique Bee

Tony Mei

Elizabeth Matrow

Doctoral curriculum:

George Crowl, lead

Hulic Ratterree

John Refieuna

William Reisa

Elmer Palmer           

Larry Schmidt          

Alan Leech  

Continuing Education curriculum:

Terry Chapman, lead

Alan Simmons

Randy Worcester

Sam Young

Gordon Cochran

Douglas Roberts

Scott Moline

Jody Batten

Manual update:

Ron Hubbard, lead

Tom Libby

Nathaniel Lim

Alan Simmons

Dave Barringer