Training Codes for Commissioners

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With the advent of the new commissioner training curriculum there have been a number of requests for updated training codes. The chart below summarizes the current state of the commissioner training codes.





Commissioner Orientation

Obsolete; expired 12/2012


Why Commissioners?

Obsolete; expired 12/2012


Units: The Commissioner’s Greatest Priority

Obsolete; expired 12/2012


How to Help a Unit

Obsolete; expired 12/2012


Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner and Staff

Obsolete; expired 12/20122


Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Training

Obsolete; expired 12/2012


Area/Region Commissioner Basic Training

Active on 5/1/2013


Council Commissioner Basic Training

Active on 5/1/2013


District Commissioner/Assistant District Commissioner Basic Training

Active on 5/1/2013


Roundtable Commissioner Basic Training

Active on 5/1/2013


Unit Commissioner/New-Unit Commissioner Basic Training

Currently Active


Bachelor of Commissioner Science

Currently Active


Master of Commissioner Science

Currently Active


Doctor of Commissioner Science

Currently Active


Roundtable Commissioner College

Currently Active


Advanced Commissioner Training

Currently Active


Commissioner Fast Start

Currently Active


Advanced Administration of Commissioner Service

Obsolete; expired 12/2012


Advanced Unit Commissioner Training

Obsolete; expired 12/2012


PTC Conference

Currently Active 


Because they differ from year to year and week to week, we no longer have distinct codes for PTC conferences. There is now just one code for attending a PTC conference (H101). We also do not have training codes for local council content courses such as commissioner conferences, universities of Scouting, and pow wows. To be in the ScoutNET database of training codes, the rule of thumb is that the content should be identical from course to course and council to council.

Note that a listing of all current training codes can be accessed from the Adult training page. Under QuickLinks at the right side of the page, click on Training Course Codes (Alpha).

Who is considered a trained commissioner?

A trained commissioner is one who has completed orientation and basic training. A commission will be presented to a new commissioner after he or she has received proper orientation and has completed Commissioner Basic Training. The proper orientation varies by the role, but a commissioner who has received a commission is considered trained. There are no “triggers” in ScoutNET that define a trained commissioner.

Once commissioned, are we done with training?

Actually we have only begun! We know in our role as a commissioner our training never ends. As stated in the Administration of Commissioner Service manual, “As commissioners, we must continually adjust our skills to provide a more valuable service to our units. Commissioners should therefore view learning as an important part of their entire Scouting lives. For all commissioners, training is a continuing process—every month, every year.”

Should you have any questions about commissioner training or training codes, please contact Tim Acree at