New Roundtable Curriculum for Commissioner Colleges

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Big news for Commissioner College deans, roundtable commissioners, and assistant roundtable commissioners!

In the past, the national Commissioner College course offerings available for roundtable were BCS 107–Roundtable I, BCS 108–Roundtable II, and MCS 314–Administration of Roundtable Staff. These courses were getting very dated and there were not enough of them to offer a full roundtable curriculum. All three of these courses are now discontinued and have been replaced by the following seven new courses.



BCS 150

Roundtables in Commissioner Service

BCS 151

The Roundtable Commissioner

BCS 152

Using the Roundtable Program Guides

BCS 153

Promoting Roundtables

BCS 154

Program Development for Boy Scout Roundtables

BCS 155

Program Development for Cub Scout Roundtables

BCS 156

Recruiting, Training, and Recognizing the Roundtable Team

The courses will be posted under the Training tab of the Commissioners website.

With seven courses, a college dean will now be able to offer a complete Bachelors of Roundtable Science curriculum. The courses reference the new roundtable guides and cover the new roundtable positions—assistant council commissioner for roundtable, assistant district commissioner for roundtable, and assistant roundtable commissioner (rather than roundtable staff).

The courses were developed by Emily Campbell, Meg (Margaret) Eacker, Carla Jones, Jimmy Jones, Daniel Grummert, Robert Takacs, and Dan Maxfield. Dan and his team have reviewed and approved the courses. Thanks to the developers and reviewers for their hard work and support of roundtable commissioner service.