Updates to Be Made to All Training Materials for 2014

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Tim Acree
National Commissioner Service Training Chair

All commissioner training is being reviewed and updated for 2014. The revised materials will be posted to the Commissioners website shortly after the Commissioner Tools are released as this update is primarily driven by the new Commissioner Tools. The revisions will also include new programs such as Voice of the Scout, as well as updates to the Unit Service Plan and JTE.

Basic Training

  • Dave Fornadel—Team lead for Basic Training

All seven of the Basic Training courses are being updated by a team led by Dave Fornadel. Dave and his team have been instrumental in the development of commissioner Basic Training and will do a great job making sure we are current for 2014. Dave will incorporate the Commissioner Tools and the new Unit Service Plan as part of the Basic Training updates.

Commissioner College Courses

All 68 Commissioner College courses as well as the supporting materials in the General folder will be updated by the team listed below:

  • Dick Kroll—Continuing Education courses
  • Peter Matrow—Doctorate courses
  • Craig Donais—Masters courses
  • Bill Kropa—Bachelor courses
  • Suzanne Windisch—Supporting materials in the General folder

It is a huge undertaking to review all materials—course outlines, teaching methods, materials needed, and PowerPoint presentations—and ensure that all of the attachments are current, as the BSA frequently updates literature. This team will make sure the course materials contain the most current information. The goal in making these updates is to ensure that we are offering current, up-to-date training that is aligned with the BSA’s major initiatives. We also want to provide an outstanding learning experience for every commissioner, whether they have just been commissioned or have years of experience.

I would like to thank the team leaders above for their leadership and hard work. All commissioner training is maintained by volunteers from the commissioner staff, and this update would not be possible without their help.

If you have feedback on how training can be improved, please contact Tim Acree, national commissioner support staff training chair, at tim.acree@comcast.net.