Instructions for Creating Advanced Power Pivot Table Reports from Commissioner Tools Reports

In just a few seconds, Power Pivot tables can take your raw Commissioner Tools report data and create advanced reports. The Power Pivot table files were volunteer-developed and are NOT supported by the BSA’s Information Delivery Group.

Presently, these tools work only on a Windows-based computer with Excel 2013 and newer; they do not work with Excel 2010 and earlier.

We hope to expand the supported user base in the future. For assistance with these Power Pivot tables, please contact and a volunteer will respond to you.

Primary Tools

Documentation     Region/Area     Council     District

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using Power Pivot Tables

3×5 Job Aid Handout (Two-sided, designed for the Avery 5388 stock)


Unit Contact Analysis     Region/Area     Council     District

(Autoload & ability to process multiple councils.

Uses BOTH the District_Contact_Stats and the Assigned_Units reports)

New Tool Download June 2021

New Tool Download April 2021

Sample Download


Roundtable Analysis – Program Year     Council     District

(August – July, uses two Roundtable Attendance reports)

Tool Download

Sample Download


District Commissioner Visual Analysis     Council     District

A web app is available at: and there is a link in Commissioner Tools to perform this function.


Units Needing Assistance     Region/Area     Council     District

(New version, uses Assigned Units, Priority Needs Units, as well as Roundtable Attendance reports.)

New Tool Download June 2021

New Tool Download January 2021

Sample Download

Blank Assigned Units report

Blank Priority Needs Units report


Trained Commissioners Analysis     Council     District

(uses Trained Leaders Report)

Instructions for Using the Tool

Tool Download