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Summer 2021

Starting, Sustaining, and Growing Units

GROWING SCOUTING…is the single most important thing we can do today as commissioners.

Commissioners often wonder what they can do to help Grow Scouting…if you wonder about that, open two links to learn about new ways and resources you can share with the unit leaders you serve to help them promote and grow their unit:

Look at the resources it references.

Some commissioners ask, “isn’t GROWING SCOUTING why we have Membership volunteers and professional staff? Isn’t that their responsibility? Sure, it is, but they can’t do it alone.

Commissioners have a key role in GROWING SCOUTING:

  • Great program attracts and retains both youth and adult volunteers.
  • We help the unit leaders we serve deliver great program.
  • We help the unit leaders we serve understand the importance of planning to GROW SCOUTING.
  • We help the unit leaders we serve develop year-round plans to attract and retain members.
  • We help the unit leaders we serve understand that retention is an essential element of growth.
  • We provide the unit leaders we serve with access to resources to increase retention and growth.

The attachments, developed by John Hearrell, Marketing Lead for National Service Territory #8 is a great example of some of the resources available to you and also of how our national service territories are coming together to support our councils in new and different ways.

There are other resources available to you to help the unit leaders you serve GROW SCOUTING. Check them out:

As commissioners, we need to help

  • Ensure the safety of the youth Scouting serves
  • Ensure our local councils have a strong financial foundation

Thank you for all you do to serve youth through Scouting!

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