Help BSA Units Be Messengers of Peace Through Journey to Excellence

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The BSA’s Messengers of Peace initiative was launched in May 2012 to recognize the efforts of Scouts who are working for peace, whether they are involved in projects that strive to solve conflicts in their schools, build links between divided communities, teach their peers about health and wellness, or repair environmental damage.

It is gratifying to see how quickly the Messengers of Peace program gained recognition throughout Scouting. However, the need for strong and continued promotion highlighting the purpose of Messengers of Peace remains a priority. Community service is well embedded in our advancement system. And, as we know, “Community Service Hours” is a unit requirement built into the Journey to Excellence initiative. Messengers of Peace supports our organization’s commitment to community service. Given that Messengers of Peace is an initiative available to Scouts around the world, it allows the BSA to serve as a role model and example for other Scouting associations. Consequently, our Scouts who become Messengers of Peace help bring peace to our world. Scouts and Scouters should know that almost all community service projects qualify as Messengers of Peace projects, fitting into one of the three categories outlined in the program’s requirements: personal, community, or environment.

A BSA unit that registers as a Messengers of Peace unit also fulfills its JTE requirements. Scouts and Scouters can earn the Messengers of Peace ring patch when they participate in and assist with service projects that are registered Messengers of Peace projects. To earn the Messengers of Peace ring patches, units must log onto the JTE Service Hours website, designating their project as a Messengers of Peace service project. Commissioners can use this as additional motivation to steer units to JTE.

We are reaching out to commissioners for support and promotion of the Messengers of Peace program. Your help is very much appreciated as you steer units to JTE and create BSA Messengers of Peace for the world. You are also Messengers of Peace.

Learn more about the BSA’s Messengers of Peace at the Messengers of Peace website.

Messengers of Peace Day of Service at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree

During the jamboree, Scouts will be provided with transportation to one of the counties surrounding the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve to help with a service project that will benefit the BSA’s new neighbors. By the time the jamboree is over, 32,000 Scouts will have completed 300,000 community service hours over five days of work. It will be one of the BSA’s largest service projects of the year.