Sea Scouts: An American Tradition Since 1912

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Sea Scouts in the United States is proud to kick off its 2012 centennial. Sea Scouts is a program defined by tradition, maritime adventure, and fun. Sea Scouts can be summarized in 4 Ss: Scouting, seamanship, service, and social activities.

Celebrations are planned across the United States, with major events being held in Texas, Chicago, Baltimore, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Many others are being planned in different regions of the U.S. Centennial Sea Scout events also include the William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup, which is taking place in California for the first time.

“Our goal is for Sea Scouts in every part of the country to host centennial events based on the 4 Ss of Sea Scouts. This is a once in a lifetime experience and every Sea Scout deserves an opportunity to participate in a centennial celebration,” says Josh Gilliland, chair of the Sea Scout Centennial Task Force.

Sea Scout Centennial Recruiting Goals

The National Sea Scout Support Committee has set a centennial goal of reaching 10,000 Sea Scouts by the end of 2012. There are currently over 7,000 Sea Scouts in the U.S.

Sea Scout ships can help reach the goal of 10,000 Sea Scouts by hosting Welcome Aboard Days, open houses where Sea Scouts can showcase the best of their program to prospective members.

A Welcome Aboard Day should have three elements: activity, food, and fun. When planning the event, Sea Scouts can do the following to invite interested youth:

  • Prospective members can be recruited through schools, churches, and community organizations.
  • Sons and daughters of chartered organization members can be invited.
  • Invite former Boy Scouts from a council drop list to attend.
  • Set up a recruiting booth at a high school club day with posters and fliers, and collect contact information.
  • Show a “What did you do this weekend” Sea Scout video to a religious youth group.
  • Host a Scout cruise and take Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers out for a boat ride.

Additional resources, including fliers, promotional material, and “How to Organize a Sea Scout Ship” are available at under the Recruiting Tips section.