Roundtable Update

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Daniel B. Maxfield
National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair

When the roundtable project began in 2011, the volunteer development team sent out an informal survey to about 1,200 Scouters across the country. The results of that survey framed much of how the 2013–2014 roundtable guides looked. Then, for improvement purposes, the development team solicited and received a lot of input about the agenda structures and mini training topics before producing the 2014–2015 roundtable guides.

Now we are in the beginning stages of developing the 2015–2016 roundtable guides. In an effort to make improvements that help roundtable commissioners assist unit leaders in providing better program, we designed a new survey and invited about 2,800 registered roundtable commissioners to provide input. It was available online between mid-September and mid-October to those who chose to participate. We hope to have results by the end of October that will guide us in our upcoming work. Thanks very much to all who participated in this vital process.

We will keep you advised of our progress in upcoming newsletters. Also, we will continue the technology dialogue and provide roundtable success stories as this year progresses.

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