Roundtable Study Team Update

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Daniel B. Maxfield
National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair

The survey and recommendation process has been completed and the report has been submitted to the commissioner cabinet for review. The basis of the report is that the roundtable/forum program needs to continue, but changes must be made in how it is administered in order to maintain focus on viable product delivery to support better programs in units. The next step is to participate with volunteer groups being organized to revise and update the roundtable/forum guides. This process will occur between October and February in order to have a rollout in May 2013.

While there is much work still to be done, we want to thank all of you great Scouters out there who send  us fabulous thoughts and ideas that are very helpful to our effort.

Provide materials for participants to view as part of the pre-meeting. Having those with upcoming events to promote share information and discuss programs with participants as they arrive can reduce the time needed for announcements during the meeting. This can often take the place of major announcements if people with information about upcoming events are there ahead of the meeting to share information and discuss programs with participants as they arrive.