Effective Roundtables Course at Philmont

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Daniel B. Maxfield
National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair

by George Costigan, faculty, Effective Roundtables

Once again, the Effective Roundtables course will be offered during Commissioner Week at Philmont Training Center this summer. For most Scouters, roundtable is the only time they interact with unit service and so it becomes critical that we help unit leaders get “the will to do” and “the skill to do” every time they attend. For many districts and councils, there is still confusion about how to implement the assistant district commissioner for roundtable and assistant council commissioner for roundtable positions, and this course will help explain and demonstrate how those positions work back home.

As one of the instructors, I can—and will—talk about roundtables and unit service all day long. But to convince you how important and useful attending the Effective Roundtables course is, let me have some of the attendees tell about their experiences:

Whether you are new to roundtable or a seasoned commissioner, the Effective Roundtables session at Philmont will open your eyes to the things you don’t know, but will show you how to easily add those things to your program. Most importantly, the staff will teach you great ways to make your roundtable the best program around.”
—Jeffrey Werner, Old Colony Council

Hands down I give credit to the Effective Roundtables training for helping us take our roundtable to the next level. I don’t care how long you have been doing it, you can’t leave this training and not learn something new or fresh to perk up your roundtables.
—Erin Zeek, Occoneechee Council

Roundtables are a key component to the health, vitality, and growth of a district. There is really no other venue that offers the opportunity for the sharing of ideas, training, communication, networking, and, yes, fellowship, that a well-planned roundtable does. At the time that I attended Effective Roundtables, I had been a Cub Scout roundtable commissioner for about three years. I felt that I had a pretty good grasp on the roundtable situation … then along came (the instructors). They reinforced what I have always believed … that we are never too old or too experienced to learn new ideas … ideas and info that helped take a quality roundtable program to the next level. I cannot recommend this training session enough. I don’t care how much you know (or think you know), you and your district will benefit highly from attending Effective Roundtables at the Philmont Training Center!
—G.W. Bell, Longhorn Council

I look forward to seeing you and other roundtable commissioners June 14–20, 2015, at Philmont. Register now to attend the most important course about the most important part of unit service.