Roundtable Planning Guides Updated

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Daniel B. Maxfield
National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair

In a previous newsletter article it was explained that the next step in the Roundtable project was to critically review and update the roundtable guides. That process occurred between January and March and is complete. This updated version is scheduled to roll out at the National Annual Meeting in May.

What is new in this guide? There are four planning outlines that provide options and flexibility to planners in meeting geography, time, and other constraints. In addition, it is being recommended that all roundtable program groups have a common opening with a major “big rock” group topic presentation before splitting into separate program groups. These group topics include items such as rechartering, special needs, and weather awareness. Also, specific program group “topics of interest” were developed to assist leaders with behavioral issues, long-term camps, and religious emblems and awards, among other topics. In the Cub Scout Roundtable Guide, a fabulous set of materials was designed to assist den leaders with exciting program ideas. Finally, the Troop Program Features series is being redesigned and the first book of the series will be released at the same time as the new roundtable guide.

The final issue we need to deal with is technology. It has become clear that new ways to deliver the message are necessary. Thus, we have begun a discussion of possible options councils can use to experiment with different delivery methods when the standard face-to-face method isn’t sufficient.

Much has been done and we are excited to see how it works. Then we want to get feedback about what worked and what didn’t. This will help in making effective fixes for the next update.

Good roundtables equal better programs in units, which equal increased youth and unit retention. These are JTE goals roundtable can impact. Go forth and produce great roundtables!