Roundtable Update

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Daniel B. Maxfield
National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair

As I mentioned in the last issue of The Commissioner, development of the 2015–2016 roundtable guides is underway. Results of the roundtable related surveys sent out in September are guiding us in some revisions. Thanks very much to all who participated in the surveys.

Some changes will come with these guides, particularly in Cub Scouting! Since this is a new program in the rollout stages, some of the materials most suited for supporting den and pack leaders need to be modified to reflect these changes. The commissioners who make up the current Roundtable Guide Development Team will be working in cooperation with members of the new Cub Scout Program Design Team to make these materials most current and relevant. This will be an exciting opportunity for all of us that most certainly will result in some interesting outcomes that previously were not available. Also, some supplemental materials that more closely align the current roundtables to the new Cub Scouting program will be available soon.

The bottom line is that you can count on updated and vibrant 2015–2016 Boy Scout and Cub Scout roundtable guides being available by the National Annual Meeting in Atlanta in May.

If you have any roundtable success stories you would like to share or thoughts and comments to pass along, please send them to Dan Maxfield at

As always, I remind everyone that good roundtables equal better programs in units, which equal increased youth and unit retention. These are Journey to Excellence goals that roundtable can impact. We hope you are having a great year of super roundtables. The youth in our units deserve the best.