The Technology Link and Roundtable

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In the Winter 2014 newsletter, we featured a district using YouTube videos as a roundtable distribution method for Scouters who weren’t able to attend. In the Spring 2014 newsletter, we featured a district that does not have access to high-speed Internet service, so it uses technology to create an offline movie approach to roundtable presentations.

Clearly, in some parts of this country there is a lot of technology linkage access, and in other places there is very little. The challenge is finding ways to use technology as a productive roundtable distribution vehicle regardless of which situation you find yourself in. Getting important information to all adult unit leaders is still an important part of our goal.

Good roundtables promote great Scouting. Our youth deserve the best! So let’s provide good roundtables to as many as we can in as many different ways as we can.

In the next newsletter, we will feature an article about the BSA’s social media guidelines to make sure that whatever we do is ethical and legal.

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