Roundtable Study Project Report

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Tim Acree

Daniel B. Maxfield
National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair

The Roundtable Study Project Team has collected data from Scouters across the U.S. for the last five months. Some 800 of you contributed to that effort, and the team thanks each of you!

The data has been compiled and is now being analyzed for trends and interesting themes. This process will result in some preliminary recommendations that will be sent to many of the original data contributors for review and comment.  The result of all of this will be some specific recommendations that will be presented to the National Commissioner Service Team, and others, at the May 2012 National Annual Meeting in Orlando. If you attend the Orlando NAM, there may be an opportunity for you to participate in a session that will review the Roundtable Study Project process and explore and evaluate these recommendations.

In the next newsletter, we hope to be able to share some of the preliminary results and recommendations.

A Best Practices Idea

Send monthly email reminders to leaders at least five days before the roundtable with information about what is planned for the meeting and when appropriate offer attending leaders a chance to register for upcoming events or activities before the registration is opened to the rest of the district.

Send me your best practice ideas. They may appear in future newsletters!