Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable

Position Concept:
The assistant district commissioner for roundtable reports to the district commissioner and is responsible for ensuring that quality Scout leader roundtables are conducted within the district for all programs. He or she also has responsibility to share information with and is supported by the assistant council commissioner for roundtable. In this position, he or she works with the roundtable commissioners (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venturing) who have been recruited by the district commissioner. The promotion of roundtable at district events is an important facet of this position.

Suggested Position Elements:

  1. Recruiting: Assist the district commissioner with the recruitment of district roundtable commissioners as needed and encourage and/or assist roundtable commissioners in recruiting as many assistant roundtable commissioners as needed to properly and effectively accomplish roundtable functions.
  2. Talent Management: Become personally acquainted with and maintain regular contact with district roundtable commissioners and assistant roundtable commissioners, including locations, dates, and times for roundtable meetings. Make occasional in-person visits and evaluations of programs presented. Provide this information to the assistant council commissioner as appropriate.
  3. Training Support: Ensure that district roundtable commissioners take training for their positions and encourage them to participate in other training opportunities as may be recommended by the district or council.
  4. Program Planning and Content: Work with the district commissioner and other key volunteers to design a district roundtable that meets the unique needs of the council and district while taking advantage of national support materials and programs of emphasis. Ensure that roundtable commissioners and assistant roundtable commissioners in the district actively participate in the council annual planning, follow-up, and training functions.
  5. Technology Utilization: Promote the use of technology to ensure that roundtable meetings are adequately promoted and that the meetings engage and empower the volunteers. Explore the use of technology to support those who are not able to attend the meetings in person or to otherwise distribute materials and resources to assist the volunteers.
  6. Serve as Roundtable/Forum Moderator: Where appropriate, serve as the moderator for all combined district roundtables as follows:
    • Open the meeting.
    • Welcome and introduce visitors or guest speakers.
    • Provide directions for program group breakouts.
    • Provide feedback to roundtable personnel following the meeting, as appropriate.
  7. Information Dissemination and Promotion: Disseminate current BSA news and points of interest, including new merit badges, program changes, upcoming literature, etc., so the district roundtable provides valuable and timely information for the volunteer base. Create a presence at district events by promoting Scout leader roundtable as THE place to go for leaders who want to be in the know, share Scouting fellowship, and have FUN!