Manual Modules Update

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Darlene Sprague
National Commissioner Service Resources Chair

Fulfilling the promise of manual modules updates has been a long time coming. As you might imagine, with all of the changes being made to streamline the responsibilities of the commissioner corps, keeping abreast of the changes has been a difficult task. We decided to put things on hold until the Unit Service Plan was finalized and Commissioner Tools was rolled out. We will begin in earnest to update all of the commissioner “manuals” in the form of new modules. These will be posted as they are finished.

Note that the development of the Commissioner Tools required a significant investment of time by the BSA from volunteers, professionals, and developers, which all translates into intellectual property. This will result in posting some of the content of Commissioner Tools within the confines of my.Scouting. In other words, viewing some of the training and manual modules for Commissioner Tools will be limited to registered Scouters.