Questions and Answers

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Q: Will I be able to determine my council JTE scores with Commissioner Tools?

No. Commissioner Tools is a very robust program that was designed specifically to complement JTE but not replace it. For now, the council JTE score won’t be calculated by Commissioner Tools, but we will continue to improve the program and evaluate the feasibility of including the calculation in future releases.

Q: So what will Commissioner Tools be able to do?

Commissioner Tools is a very robust program that will provide commissioners a great deal of information about their units. It is an evolving program with enhancements and improved reporting capabilities planned for future releases. Commissioner Tools was designed to aid commissioners in evaluating unit performance by assessing unit strengths and needs. Through execution of the Unit Service Plan, commissioners are able to link district resources with a unit to resolve that unit’s needs and improve its Journey to Excellence scores. The assessment used in Commissioners Tools is quantified, which enables the commissioner to easily track a unit’s progress. Commissioner Tools also allows for administrative commissioners to easily see the number of commissioners and registered units in the council and district. It identifies the commissioners assigned to units as well as units that do not have commissioners assigned to them. In addition, the unit contacts entered into Commissioner Tools is extracted by the BSA Performance Management Group to determine the council unit visitation rate for JTE. Commissioner Tools is able to report the number of contacts that each commissioner is making, but there will not be any report trending in the initial release.

Q: How does my council go about adopting Commissioner Tools?

There is an abundance of information on the Commissioners website. Specifically, see the document titled “First Steps to Adopt Commissioner Tools.”

Q: When will my council get Commissioner Tools?

The decision about when your council will adopt Commissioner Tools is up to your council commissioner and Scout executive. It could be as early as November 1, 2014, or the first of any month thereafter. All councils must have moved off of UVTS and on to Commissioner Tools no later than March 1, 2015.

For more FAQs about Commissioner Tools, visit the Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools page at the Commissioners website.

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